Therapies on the Move

 ‘Therapies on the move’ provides a wellness service suited for different needs of a variety of clients.

i.e. Corporate venues, sporting events, airports, shopping centres, trade shows, Team building events, fairs and all types of festivals.

The Wellness Plans designed for the corporate sector provides service and  programmes  that are custom designed to meet the specific needs  of the corporate client, which can be tailor made to individual specifications & GOALS in mind – short or long term plan

The practitioners are handpicked and professionally trained by our qualified teachers, who specialise in INTEGRATED bodywork techniques, particular suited for chair massage for relaxation. The corporate practitioners are not necessarily all certified registered massage therapists, but are equipped with enough training and practice to be of a high standard and effective.

We OFFER & promote “well-being-ness” as well as other ways to enhance relaxation to reduce STRESS. We do not promote ‘therapeutic’ practice in the corporate sector, but can arrange to do so at our Wellness Centre at the Llandudno Sports Club in Llandudno by request. Our Practitioners are chosen not only for their qualifications, but for their commitment to service and their ability to listen to and communicate with each individual, identifying their needs and adjusting style and pressure accordingly.

Our wellness team maintains a high standard of integrity and promotes wellness with a holistic approach, integrating awareness & consciousness on all levels with self, incl. family, society, co-workers & communities, our environment and our higher intentions of the collective.