Deep Tissue Rebalancing Treatments

The deep tissue rebalancing treatments work on many levels:

Deep Tissue Rebalancing

Deep Tissue Rebalancing

1.    Calms the nervous system:    This helps especially in highly strung or highly motivated individuals who are very caught up with excessive  working hours, when the body is in     constant nervous disorder and nervous tension has accumulated over a long period of time. Our natural body rhythms get so out of sync and unbalanced, that it takes a greater deal of     effort to restore the natural equilibrium.  Many of us function at levels where we have forgotten what it feels like to be relaxed. Deep tissue can assist us to reconnect to ourselves again, aiding in deeper relaxation and ‘letting go’ of old holding patterns so that the body can retune itself.

2.    It facilitates a process of detoxification:   Muscle tension causes lactic acid to build up which inhibits blood circulation and necessary ‘outflow’ for elimination.  A system loaded with     toxins can become blocked up.  Using deep tissue massage can ‘kick-start’ the detoxification process again.  One of the signs of a toxic system is tiredness and lack of energy.

3.    Stimulating sluggish organs and igniting the lymphatic and circulatory and endocrine systems:   This happens as a result of the blood flow in massage movements, pressure and flow of energy that is created during the treatment. The ‘blood flow’ releases the ? locked  within the muscles.  The nerves connected to the organs are then ? and stimulated by the addition of new blood flow and oxygen, rejuvenating all the various systems.  Stagnation and holding in our bodies drains our energy not only due to toxins but also the energy that is used in holding and locking the tension in our bodies, therefore not functioning on optimal levels.